a matter of mental approach

Common stocks can be dynamite. In theory it is not too difficult to invest in common stocks soundly, conservatively, and with a minimum of excitement and regrets. In practice, however, the common-stock investor finds himself beset with confusions and temptation – both external and internal. 

Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor, 1949

For many investors common stocks are truly dynamite. Strong upward price movements are received with increasing enthusiasm and greed. Downward stock market volatility produces doubt, anxiety and from time to time even outright panic. Investors constantly balance between manic and depressive phases resulting in inferior and disappointing investment returns.
Pure Value Capital successfully guides investors through these recurrent emotional periods of euphoria and distress. Our investors are at any moment invested in a fundamentally safe equity portfolio. The strong fundamentals of our equity portfolio lead to a shift in focus from price movements and sensational financial news items to the impact of those price movements on valuations.


With a focus on valuations our investors are no longer subject to the psychological “confusions and temptations” leading to the malevolent practice of buying high and selling low. Pure Value Capital gives investors the opportunity to invest in "common stocks soundly, conservatively and with a minimum of excitement and regrets.” 


Pure Value Capital brings along true peace of mind.

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