"Providing investors with strong returns (+47.3%) and peace of mind

0% subscription, 0% redemption, 0% management, 0% performance fee till HWM

Pure Value Capital manages a fundamentally safe equity fund. Our emphasis on fundamental safety results in academically built strong long term investment returns and a maximum protection of your capital in real terms. Applications for subscriptions to Pure Value Capital Fund are reserved to well-informed investors.



Our equity portfolio has a strong value tilt. By adopting a value focus we avoid companies with excessive valuations. At the same time, we orient the portfolio towards countries and industries with the highest increase potential. At the start of April 2021, the price-to-book ratio of the portfolio amounts to 0.69.

Strong fundamentals


All firms form an equity portfolio with strong fundamentals. Fundamentals are quantified in terms of traditional criteria such as solvency, liquidity and profitability. At the start of April 2021, the solvency at portfolio level is 58 percent. Net debt to equity is below 8 percent.



The portfolio is invariably invested in the three major geographic areas (America, Europe and Asia), is diversified across industries and is spread over large cap, mid cap and small cap companies. The weights of stock market indexes such as the MSCI World are not handled as benchmark.

For our investors we offer Class A Shares. No subscription, no management and no redemption fee is being applied on class A shares. Pure Value Capital only takes into account a performance fee. The performance fee amounts to 20% above an annual hurdle rate of 4% with high-water mark. With this fee structure Pure Value Capital is by far unparalleled in Belgium. Please consult our prospectus and the subscription procedure and/or contact Steven or Christophe for further information.
Benjamin Graham
Founder of fundamentally safe investing


"By far the best book on investing ever written." This specification was used by Warren Buffett to describe the writings of Benjamin Graham in The Intelligent Investor. In this book, Graham depicts the psychological foundations of the practice of fundamentally safe investing. Many of his insights are applied by Pure Value Capital.



Investment can be grounded largely on the time-tested principle of insurance – which combines an adequate safety factor in each individual commitment with a wide diversification of risk.


He, the investor, must deal in values, not in price movements.

Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor, 1949


Pure Value Capital communicates in terms of valuations. Subscribing to our updates can be done using the following subscription form. 4 x per year you will get an overview of the valuation of our model portfolio and equity valuations in 30 countries. In this way you won’t miss no opportunity to join in on low valuations and high future returns.

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